Soul-Searching Twenty-Something Seeks Food Love: Settles For Food Like Most Days

After meandering through college, studying women’s studies, English, literature, philosophy, theatre, music, musical theatre, and education and never wholly committing to anything, here I am.

I’m not a true connoisseur.  I’m not a gourmet.  I wouldn’t even call myself a proper foodie.  So why food?  And moreover, why should you care to read about my complicated relationship with food or my opinions on food?  Because I’m a “real food” person.

Every time I reevaluate life and try to find the one thing that I could actually care about forever, I wind up with food on my mind.  Odds are, at that moment, I also have food in my mouth.  Potentially, I even have food in my oven.  I work around food.  I read about food.  I eat food.

Sometimes, the food I eat is really awesome and created by the best of the best.  Other times, I have been know to enjoy really awful food created by some processing plant and fried by bitter teenagers.

I can savor foie gras or hot dogs, depending on my mood.  I’m happy with a sugary concoction from Starbucks or a cup of certified organic coffee from a small batch roaster like Kimberton Coffee

I am not alone.  The world is full of true appreciators of food in all of its forms.  Here’s to those of us who like it!

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